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Committed to providing you a
focused, affordable Health, Safety
and Environmental service.


McCarthys are committed to providing you the helping hand you need to understand the environment awareness on your project and leave you with the most sustainable and environmentally efficient space to work in.

Health & Safety

  • Safety Management Audits
  • Workspace Safety Inspections
  • Principle Contractor Safety
  • Risk Assessments
  • CDM Consultancy


  • Asbestos Control
  • Other Services
  • Principle Contractor Safety
  • Water Management Services (Control of Legionella)

Environment Services

In an ever-changing climate, part of our service is to monitor the impact projects and businesses may have on the environment, by undertaking the following tests and surveys:

  • Initial Reviews
  • Stack Emission Testing
  • Local Exhaust Ventilation
  • Aspect & Impacts Identification
  • Workplace air quality testing

Equality Act Disability Access to Buildings & Services

Provision of Building and Services Access Audits
Provision of Design & Access Statements

Access matters to disabled people. It allows them independence when pursuing business, leisure and lifestyle activities. They want to have the same opportunity to make choices and to be as spontaneous as other people.

Service providers already have a duty to make changes to the way they provide their services to disabled people.

The safest option is to assume you should be adjusting your services and arrange for an Access Audit. Ignore this and your company could be open to potential legal claims on the grounds of discrimination, which could cost you thousands of pounds.

You will need to look at all aspects of access including physical barriers, practices, policies, procedures and facilities. There is a great danger of businesses spending a lot of money doing the wrong things, or doing the right things but not to the
correct specifications.

Access Audits

Access audits and Design & Access Statements are invaluable tools in ensuring you get it right and achieve compliance with current legislation and could even save you money in the long run.

Our Consultants, with your assistance, can provide you with these services.

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Design, Refurbishment, Furniture
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Turner Powertrain
Comprehensive Water Management – Legionella Management and Control, incl. 24/7 email / telephone support
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T D Emmett
Ongoing Full Health and Safety Support incl. 24/7 email and telephone support
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